Interview : Duckies pond

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a top blogger/mind in my books.

Without further a due. . DUCKIE

L: I got to your site ‘duckies pond’ one day by mistake, I love the content. What inspires you?

D: Thanks so much for the kind words. The smallest thing could inspire me & get my creative juices flowing it really depends on how I feel when I get up that morning. If I’m listening to song I like that day then most likely I’ll post about that song & give my “translation” of the song & tie it in with real life experiences. If I have a lot on my mind that day, those problems will be my inspiration & I’ll turn them into post called “Just Words From Duckie”. Fashion can inspire me, videos that are more then just a video but more of a visual “eye candy”. Many of times I will get inspired by these simple photographs I’ll take being out on the town.

L: What is your favorite thing to write about that you feel like people would just get sick of if you did it how much YOU like it?

D: I would say my favorite thing to write about is love & feelings & real world issues, positive or negative. When I started writing it was a form release when I was angry or experiencing bliss at that point in my life. Although writing about those subjects are awesome to me some people will think, “Geez! Is that all she writes about.” (lol) So thats why I have to change it up & also writing about different subjects make me more versatile.

L: If you had to pick a city to describe you where would it be & why?

This is a good question! I would be a group of cities! I recently went to San Diego California & I absolutely loved how laid back the vibe was of Cali, on a laid back day I would be San Diego. On a busy busy day I would be New York, New York due to all the hustle & grinding the city portrays. I can’t forget Houston which is my hometown where a lot of my family stay.

L: What would you like to see more of in pop culture? Do you feel like it is a correct representation of the youth today? or should we just rebel against the Viacom, Mtv, Bet, etc.

D: I would say we should absolutely rebel against the Viacom, MTV, BET. If you really thing about it our generation is more into “individualistic” stage & we have the rebel against the norm but always end up looking the same ultimately because what we see on & TV. Most people think that the things they see on TV doesn’t have an effect on them but it really does so I think if we get in touch with more of our actual selfs & give the TV stations the middle finger we would actually get to experience the change & enjoy what we want to see or what music we want to hear.

L: What can the readers expect from you in the future?

D: Expect more interviews bigger then the last interview, growth & heading more in the right direction & more post to feed your creative souls.

I  want to send a huge thanks to you guys for being interested in my site & also with me, my views, & my words. You guys are awesome!

Thank you!

L: I would like to thank you more! for being an original talent, and letting your Artst out. What the future holds for you is special, props to you!

more about this artst

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