Vael deckard mid boots

I just got these beauties in a few hours ago (big ups to Vael & Plndr)

This is such a great boot, not too stiff and hard on your feet upon the first use (which is where I’m at) excellent lace options, they can be tucked into a slit on the top of the tounge which is something im not sure they intended but I will do, when I don’t feel like lacing them, or just to switch it up.
The weight really suprised me,  they are as light as a sneaker but pretty warm at the same time for what we have going on down here in Georgia, as far as winter days(temps in the 30’s). The sole technology by ‘Vibram’ is genius. From my first looks at it, it looks like a cross between something you could see on a sneaker with the type of physical demand tested to a running shoe, but on a boot!
I’m excited to see if this is a more comfortable sort of technology, along with the style of the boot.

Overall I give this 8/10. Fashion and function are both evident here, they are more for fashion though I would have to say if you plan on doing any actual work in these.. because the outer materials of the shoe are thin and not really re enforced by anything. The price cap on this for me has to be under $65

Look for my picture in these soon!
Go Vael


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