Fresh Air: Gentelmens Lodge

Gentelmens Lodge is quite a project amongst a new age of web presence which is largely dependent on ‘whats next’ or ‘first dibs’.
The premise based on a well thought and spoken man’s interest in sociology, fashion, music, entertainment, travel and timeless goods ties “Gentelmens Lodge” into another category.

A wonderful blend of personal opinion and factual information give a personal touch to the articles, as if you were reading out of someones collection of notes for a personal buying guide.

The ambitiousness of the team is largely responsible for you not seeing the same information that you see on “just a blog” in any of there regularly added content. Preparing men (as well as women who are interested) for life in the changing planet we live in, with the best there is to be offered is what this is all about.

A well organized closet is just as important as a great meal, or comfortable and enjoyable place to dine in my book. With so many different interests as a child growing up this is another one of those refreshing and bar pushing views that make life what it is.

Easy to navigate with a simple, detailed layout, Glodge is on the come up for sure!

Since greatness comes from within, I highly recommend you go within the location of


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