Fashion returns to function

Fashion Returns to function

Fashion, very much so being an almost living breathing entity of our lives changes like the weather, it changes with the times, it changes with good and not so good times, it is very much alive.

With the price of the things life is made of fluctuating so highly over the past few years, discounted clothing and sales are here to stay. In laments terms we still haven’t decided all of what we want yet, and may still be willing to give certain things a try if they are proven useful in our lives.

As the masses continue to request trends that ultimately fail them, being original is high key in being functional. Here’s where we bring out a change in fashion:

Work and play time. People are cutting there play time or mixing there work and play time,  resignating that through the ranks of fashion. This is making for a dignified, funky, nostalgic approach to changing what one wants and needs.

TOO highly priced boutique fashions along with overrated dept store markups across the board are breaking at the seams from there own doing. We simply just don’t need it. Especially here in Atlanta, where the infrastructure still has a ways to go for the communities residents.

Ridding alot of the extra pieces, over priced tee shirts, sneakers costing over $200, unheard of colour schemes, and poorly designed things in the first place, are having to give way to a more crisp, multi-purpose, better lasting product.

As the tide goes out, it must come back in, this is the natural cycle of life. Which is beautiful!, however startling at first, but necessary for growth and happiness. I see this making a number of excellent changes and giving opportunity to new things to shine.

So when you see that boutique close, dept store go away, skateshop lower there number of a certain type of shoe, DON’T BE DISCOURAGED! .
Opportunity knocks and we all should answer 🙂

(pictures of function fashion to be posted)


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