[Originality] being you or being lost?



Originality comes in many forms. Whats largely being seen as the predominate one or the ‘most original’ is being entertaining or shocking. However what is so entertaining about being original?

original – belonging or pertaining to the origin or beginning of something, or to a thing at its beginning.
(created, undertaken or presented for the first time)

These two statements that are called upon to define originality, are actually synonymous to the growth of any living thing. It’s relation to the ‘beginning’ of something in particular is what sets it apart.



It’s a personal journey. You can’t be apart of every journey, its just not possible.
Instead you can make time for close connections, activities and habits that will enhance the growth of what you already posses, and those of others 🙂

There are millions of ways to be original, but just simply doing what jane’s doing(from tv probably) hasn’t made any significant difference for people’s growth.






Questioning what’s better than before or more appropriate(or should stay the same) is completely what being original is about. Anything else is a slow succession into mediocrity which has very little to do with being original 🙂



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