Computer networking, how much is too much?

Interaction is among the top 3 reasons for using the computer. Communication nearly instant, messages can be sent an received from one party to another.

Great for access to public records, a news break, the weather in china, and personal written information the library may not have the access to.

However, when it is being used on a social network platform, how effective is it?

Does compulsive use of online interaction affect actual interaction? Many of the most used websites of the past decade have been social based websites. Are we that interested in meeting other people? Or are we just interested in others meeting us?

Since the day of personal websites showcasing our intelligence or affinity for certain objects(such as Yahoo geocities) places, and things. The bar has digressed to ‘suggestions of who to meet’ ‘others you might like’ based off of an almost instant judgement (about 3-4 seconds) of that individual.

Ideas are one thing, but judgement without a real basis on a large scale is defeating our understanding of one another or ‘networking’. This two way street is wonderous for those without regular access to large majorities of groups of people or certain ‘classes’ however; this socio economic conditioning is coming to younger and younger aged individuals who are likely not to understand or be taught these differences.

As daring as this is a way for accomplishment, our methods of living and actual interaction between one another is as effective as us having fingers and toes, aposable thumbs and walking upright as homo sapiens.
Control must be practiced!


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