This page: retrospective

I began writing in this page as a new project for the creative overflow from the norm. The norm being selections of a group that are all generally accepted and expected. Fashion, skateboarding, music .. and typical tears. My visual in 130world were the things that were accompanied with the industry I enjoyed that were less popular but largely important to me. Coming from scratch to my own goods and services(clothing, mentoring, design, spiritual guide)now this has formed into me pushing my influence in design more as I could never really take a hiatus after going deeper to find myself and ironically just losing myself more. It hasn’t all been a jumble..but the un actualized all around is like a rush of water on the mound..just enough to bring something down.

However there is so much more to be found than just what is on the ground. I’m looking around here.. some places far and some places near, and what’s dear isn’t heard by the ear, or the top pick for your pocket. Allusive and reclusive like a ghost, it’s the host with the most, more complimentary than butter on toast. Definitely worthy of your toast. My earned name is Lion(still a major Lewis) here and now. I don’t feel like I’m from one particular place, I was born in Alameda,Ca whilst my mother left UC Berkeley I moved to her hometown of Michigan with my original family group. My other family group of my father is located in St. Lucia where I haven’t visited yet. Growing up in Georgia.. in my eyes I’ve just hit the open road in the mystique of the red white and blue..and old soul and patriot at heart that’s just fine with me I decree.

Opening up the avenues I’ve directed and filmed some music videos for some songs I really enjoy by dear musicians. Currently I’m looking for a filmer for some skateboard film and wild outdoors type material, I really enjoy filming in the country..and I grew up partaking in it! This is just a small retrospective for my page, I hope everyone enjoys it and is experiencing the fulfilment 🙂

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I love to cover various types of art aswell as share my own with everyone View all posts by 130world

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