Les is More

3rd studio album by Ryan Leslie entitled ‘Les is More’ is poetic and antiquated music composed by singer/songwriter Ryan Leslie, containing 13 tracks. A bit more gung ho than it’s proceeding album ‘Transitions'(check it out) which was very groovy but near total love song incorporated which is Rles specialty. The Les is More album is about an original style of music from beats to breakdowns, pitches, pauses, synth, choruses bridged to Leslie’s voice, who plays and sings his music from start to finish giving a very hands on sound style of Gospel. The art of the album is very minimal similar to Ryan’s style and inline with the title of the project. It’s about 50/50 singing followed by flowing, pictures of grandeur are only painted in the style; outside of cars and jewels and brands. Ideas, places, and mood settings are also prominent. His albums tend to be all about him in a catch 20/20 to his music having a drastically synonymous style, but upside is he’s got a large enough music library to somehow fit it in.
I’m a big time fan and highly critical of this album simply for the amount of time it took to come out, whilst he’s got songs on songs that are likely more commercial than what has been put out here. Highly inspiring nonetheless, the only feature on the U.S album is Fabolous, who R.les click’s up in the hiphop world the most. The expansiveness of where the sound actually.. is unfortunately,  isn’t captured in this album, but it’s still a solid 4/5 keeper. My favorite tracks are ‘Up’s & downs'(BLAST THIS) along with ‘5 minute freshen up’.


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