Male/Female Worldly Perspective

Who’s world is it? Man or Woman’s? Pieced debate without much to correlate. Is there such a component as a 21century Man/Woman, does our banter just lead us astray?
Well the fundamentals are hard to disregard. The key to our success is undoubtably one another.. where do we go from there?
Well..a woman’s provision is the world, seeing as the man is there with his bearings intact and his esteem to match. We both have the ultimate test, commitment. Men to the women..and down the line the family. Women by nature are reactional in accordance to Men’s point of view. Men by nature are actional within accordance to the nature of woman’s feelings(mother nature) outside of this process our compass is self deprived.
Is it okay for a man to be a stay at home father? Yes seeing as the relationship has made provisions for this to take place(relationship by relationship) Is it okay for a woman to agree to just being a housewife and taking care of her family? Yes, if healthy provisions are made for her to do the best job she can and excel healthily within her family. What we both do as men and woman is highly weighted above our own personal desires for accomidation. If a Man is a stay at home father with just the hopes of deceiving other factors of his character in life, the woman and family will ultimately suffer, placing a strain on each nature(likewise in woman’s case). Men primally want to be appreciated, and Women primally want to be desired.

For a woman to be ‘independent’ she has to probably obtain schooling, and pursue a field of her interests in pursuit of her successes, to maintain those successes she may feel it is not okay to entertain many scenarios that could deter her from earning. The primary purpose of man and woman is freedom, freedom for woman is sharing and bearing..the better she can share(instinct) the better she can care. If her primary focus is earning, she will have little yearning. Man’s primary focus is earning, that is his yearning(most cases)and intern his way of concerning. This process will never be less…

Man or woman accomplished is nothing without a family test, that’s what we know best. Man wants woman to be represented in society by a peer of their respects who reflects and projects what our unit has next. Woman want’s the same. Neither of us benefit from a blame game or either of us being put to shame. Man has the duty to protect and care for his woman, intern woman has the duty of respecting and maintaining the sanctity of the family for her man. Back to the question of ‘Is it a Woman’s world?’ no Is it a Man’s world? no It is our world, and our duty and responsibility to take care of it with the privledge our elders have provided to us(God bless them)with man’s responsibility to lead and woman’s responsibility to make support so it proceeds..that is what we all need.


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