130world’s iLove collab tee

A collaborative effort with iLoveMakonnen the iLove is homage to accomplishments made when you put your heart first and make pivotal(important)times on earth in your life or others. It’s for winners (but you already are one if you’re reading this.) Makonnen and I started out not seeing how far we really are at first, to me understanding him throughly and us embarking on this thing together where we took flight without needing to say a word. This is the perfect shirt to collect as their will be none like it at this quality.
The design is reflective of the 96 Olympics where Atlanta hosted the games and gave it a very hardworking classic deep hearted feeling. This is on trend as well as classic, we would really love to see photo’s of you representing the tee!


click to purchase!


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I love to cover various types of art aswell as share my own with everyone View all posts by 130world

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