Dylan Rieder the edge

If I were to use one word to describe Dylan Reider it would be redefined. Redefined since the days of his hair in his face but never the nonsense. He was obviously good, but added something more to the links in a system where roundabout sumation is the norm. Core and uncore is uncouth in his world, deepening the trail of where he’s come from even more. Not wanting what’s on the menu is likely the key to a better appetite with finer taste, which taste pretty indie to me.

I can relate to a guy on the edge like this because isn’t that where all the discovery is? only there can you truly feed your need for knowledge or total understanding until next time..
Going with a select trick selection is what I feel like core skateboarding is, very predictable..the same support on a similar avenue with guys who were then pooled together like some kind of mandatory office meeting. What about ripping and a flat out hayday? I’d take a hand full of those over the constant banter of the others.
Major peace

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