Two9 Dolphindance @Mother Live


Two9 hosted an event at Mother on Edgewood of Atlanta 6/6. What a great new budding scene of a hippy cool venue! with a comforting living feel so nice to see and cozy like a gracious mother that really puts time into her home.



When you arrive, get there with plans as there is usually a mass of fanfare about the band outside drumming energy towards performances meet and greets and social jive. They do this well but for the newcomer it’s hard to discern what to do(go with the flow and have fun) afterwards they got into it with some music and the set could be particularly dry for a broad audience as it’s pretty rough but smoothens out amongst the guys and after your acclimated to the word ‘bitch’ being dubbed for a fun therapy.
Everyone from 21-45 I saw is having this wonderful time and I meet the most beautiful older woman and her crew bringing this interesting scene alive.



Towards the music the Dolphindance is a flutter of attraction into what is group music in the style of give it to me/show you at the Two9 energy in a vibe of dual gender enjoyment. Girls totally felt it and we responded likewise!


Curtis Williams ended on a great note playing the entertaining audio clip of ‘I like turtles’ and pausing to take a photo with fans.(Two-9)


All in all I’m stoked out!(i’d love to squeeze more photos!:)


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