Dell Harris – Chateau Rap


I’ll start with top rated tracks

1. Gold Crucifix
2.Title Wave
4.Quiet Please

This project is exceptional in that Dell Harris has a lane wide open in his music with the door slanted! There is so much abundance in a new style of music it wastes no time getting interesting. From the approach I am quickly drawn to the collection of sounds and versed linguistics used with everyone featured, the wordplay is excellent, enough taste for flavor with some calories for sustenance.
The style is equal throughout you get that feeling across the entire music. Special that the Chateau is being used to reference Dell‘s style of musicality. This is the sort of music you need an abundance of since it’s about paying attention to the words and references to whom is featured along on the track. (I’d love to get some Lupe Fiasco situations going with the next one)
Chateau Rap is testing my speakers now

I downloaded it here


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