Combined with a mix of mario, sonic, and tetris Spelunky strikes a chord with a group of classics versed with everyone’s most memorable good times. Your journey out of the desert leads you through aztech temples, a mine, the jungle, space and all the great unknowns that shape our world. The variety is immense.. you can be anyone and pick almost anything as a tool! If you think your smart you definitely want to test your brain against this(and not some pointless cell phone game) it has points even the sharpest will have to take a good thought to file down. I’m currently on the Temple level with an advance-pro skill backing(that took at least 36hours in a snow day to achieve)
  The sounds sooth in each level category with different jams you should actually play for yourself if you already don’t or just haven’t got that hip yet:). This is an excellent way to understand the basis for your decision making and thoroughness you’ve probably lost over time dropping more traditional or extensive habits for convenience and one’s of a fad.
5stars(five) over here for this title.






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