Handmade in the Usa

When we think of life in the states it usually involves gearing up whether that involves a good school some place for you, a neighborhood your proud to live in or a football team you want to cheer for that first early day in Autumn. Local and homegrown products connect us more closely to that spirit while reducing the time(or gear) needed to accomplish. Certain pieces are unavoidable to import but the backbone of our lifestyle can’t be imported or cost cut. Having these handbags or jackets/ shoes also made in America is just a small example of purveying our easily available and changing ingenuity, linking our family closer together and deepening a neighborhood connection
My prerogative is to give as much back to the USA as possible as I know how and also share the raw data informatively for a change that will construct the next golden(goodness era)
Hopefully I am not too far off with coming to you with things such as opening your doors to local collaborative efforts and any simple business to motivate your city and country UP look for the ingenuity!!


Think about a simple service each individual needs that could be done more informatively, better structurally and visibly while keying in an active group of individuals. That’s your revolutionary prowess taking off 🙂


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