Niyke shoe Challenge Court –

Skating my beloved local skatepark this week I couldn’t help but to feel the vibes of  origination, creativity and crew love. When your an expert in your crew your going big places in life. Supposedly legends aren’t born their made, either way legendary things are happening every day by everyday people with a community instillment and love for how they got there. Gino Ianucci is no different, one of the skaters mentions him during my session and I totally understand why, a seasoned man who is humbled by the world while authentically being an amazing human being. To test something out is a very difficult thing to do for estimating where it’s going for the precursor idea you have before it seems to ride on it’s entire completion. Right enough and you score, wrong enough and it could drive you mad. I still enjoy testing and experimenting.. it’s all about knowledge of ping back and pop off, the language of natural response like a music note. I’ll ride it out..


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