Admirable rights

Where is the line drawn with your name. Is your name a simple extension of you or a deep projection of your being? Most basic rights are necessities and if they were not kept none of us would ably enjoy abundance. When is it crossing the line to use simple sorts of self for a maximum gain, I.e selling or licensing your name to a company for a product or service. Very close in my mind is the story of Stefan Janoski who rode in the ranks with really mellow everything by an unique stance with a completely hippie vibe(baggy sweaters cord pants and skateboards with animals on them) he linked right into some major changes off his natural mystic and peaceful stability. He shifted from tech knowhow sorts of shoes into the newly brigading nikesb camp. Fast forwarding a few years later Nike has definitely purchased his name with the intent of making what started as one shoe ‘the Janoski’ into a thinly soled air max. This Janoski with it’s boat shoe silouhette and athletic rubberized material protruded a new code in the world with it’s business like dress and impactful action qualities. Shortly Nike was making over 100different colorways of them in mid(2012) and ankle with Stefans name on them. I’m sure he did not sign up for that. In a place where your only as good as your name sake and work ethic, have his basic rights been construed. Surely the guy got good props for his style but at once does that go out the window when his name becomes nothing but a tool(food for thought) I tried the shoes and liked them and thereafter never re purchased, numbers in the 100,000’s trying his shoes out have no idea who he is or what he stands for, I couldn’t compete with that.




How much is your name an extension of your life? With this I’d have to agree much more than half, the soul of a person continues on long after they have gone much like it’s impact does when they leave the in this the slate must be just as co ordinated to that impact of the person their thoughts and beliefs, feelings and passions.


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