Musical fortitude

Meandering through some music I became mind-boggled by the trend of skipping artists and shorting them, everyone enjoys even a bad song once right? Well after some debate and thought an old idea at the beginning in play to the video game market that once got me all buzzed up at 11years old.. struck my mind like a jolt from my old ‘next’ Mtn. Bike; ……demo’s! In this instance sample-albums. An album specifically tendered by this artist and label that is not a mix assortment but an album to the audience projected by them for album like use or album assorted quality
No guilt here with the musicians to the fanbase and unknowns.. general supporters can coerce themselves into the stylings and true fans can stand with their favourite musicians and share their music in a fair way!



via:deviant art)

Building this up with holds the stronghold of the internet since the internet is based on RIPS or free-editions of last copy media, if music donated itself media ACROSS THE BOARD or TOP TIER..precedent is set on the handling of music and directive course. I love my musicians and want to see the healthiest best product from them as well as cypher/proceedings in the realm of their sound, a great and ultimate healing way of coaching there music is an accepted free copy, then the stuff that contains the content they are working for you.
With a trajectory like these theirs no limit to what music can do again and again as it’s unbound to over-entitled non supporters. Take the sample and complete the growth(purchase) of the album



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