Alienworkshop’s former flunk with abridged success

Now Rob dyrdek’s Alienworkshop after bankruptcy from it’s original roots and the original roots/ first partnership. To the brands notice of today by it’s central sphere of technics carried out from a group of the odd off center; a dynamic placed as such couldn’t be newer everyday. To the brand’s timely past of becoming acquired by ©Burton Snowboards, who apparently didn’t know what they were seeing shortly lost the Workshop label which went to a flatline


Dyrdek apparently see’s the vision as the maven impresario man brand he is, can he completely place a general trust in the team process for others to stay ultimately faithful with eyes open and receive the brand? From several Tv spots, children’s cartoons, Toys, The DC label and now again The Alienworkshop(which in its notability is highly collectable)

for me this is a huge gap in progress change and greatness.
As difficult as it has been for brands/companies through the last 3 year’s, we each understand that continuing to stay open to put value back in has been the highest strong suit. Now we’re starting to see things come back stronger from the increase in product creativity/depth/intricacies and quality.. great time to have your brand going and be apart of what you have always been a part of


(Keith Haring series 2013)


Warhol series(2010,11)



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