How to use the ‘do to perceive the new’
In my life & relationships, using the do to perceive the new has allowed my spirit to remain open.
Anything that repeats itself as a matter of process is just balanced to something else.
When you form relationships and meet others the more you balance the aspect of yourself from true self the greater the response.
For the sake of the energy around you and your intentions, using the “do” by viewing what’s going on with little to no force you can receive the change being called for & how yourself can be most fulfilled.

Having a hand in the true new change is the largest aspect of the ‘do’
When you find the ‘do’ work for free if there is no pay, go for long hours, share it with as many people as possible and give it your all!

Joining a wave that helps and produces realistic help creates the strongest bond and energy we have on earth.
My most wonderful jobs have always began at the ground level or as internships where I was demanded upon from others, myself, and never from anything else.
The energy to believe is given and never forced, relationships from the past that have repeated steps or hurt in the same place are keys to yourself the answer will only unlock after we use the key given.
That is what we are in love with, nothing else.

Appreciating yourself sounds and seems simple enough. Give yourself reward that makes you happy for where you believe to be at this current time.
Actually that is rewarding yourself which should majority be done by your closest partners in life.
Appreciating yourself is joining your internal gifts to who you are and why that makes you happy.
You can be appreciated by large numbers of others but through being under self appreciated have no connection to those efforts and what they mean to your life.
Self appreciation is for spirit and not for material. It can be an exercise activity you enjoy, taking a bath or writing a note. The most important thing is that it is humble and requires little to no attention from a group allowing you to reflect on yourself and what you feel about you.

Your rhythm is the way you operate and prefer in doing things. Some people never find their rhythm due to constantly trying to keep up with others needs before their own, and never practicing one thing enough to share it on a personal level.
Finding your rhythm is possible no matter where you live.
Avoiding sometimey friends and those who skip time to learn your understanding
Drugs and alcohol will disturb your rhythm. Alcohol is the only withdrawal you can die from, so naturally the more exposed you become to something that separates you from yourself the less connected you will be.
Someone who is bothering you that much isn’t worth anymore pain in your life the moment you realize it hurts.

We are not property, we live in a free universe as free people. Don’t feel over claimed by anyone, and do not be depressed if no one is claiming you! Your rhythm is unique enough that not just anyone could claim it. Treat it well, develop it and get to know what it is, it can go further that way and is the appropriate response for the time it has taken to create what you have been given.

Depression is absolutely normal for people with questions(which is just about everyone) if you live without question your life is empty and ineffective enough to see any objection to anything. For those that keep many unanswered questions regularly, you are the answer! You have some great amazing gift to help contribute to what it is you think of!(pretty powerful huh?)

My ex depressed me for a long time because I convinced myself they didn’t learn anything from me. Through so many questions unanswered built up it formed a depression on me that was like a glue over my life. I didn’t see the point of anything without my answers. Then I realized I changed a life and I changed my own. Having such an effect on someone you spend thousands of hours together just to learn, then giving them an effect so strong they want to try it on their own.

You have to love that person because you made them strong,(with assistance)you readied them for the world without hesitation and put them on a path everyday for a life they could respect. It opened me to seeing what you really do when you contribute timelessly.
That person now has a whole life based around you because time you can never take away, memories you can’t replace, and your impressions forever prepared their next step and their very feet.

It hurts to be lied to, even worse is passing it on because you are contributing to the pain of many lives that eventually finds its way into your life.

Religious ceremonies and the act of religion point our grieving in a direction of humility and positivity. No matter the relationships connected to it, the act itself is not asking a particular person to give you something but rather your freedom of choice opening up what you have around you. Exercising your mind and being patient and humble enough to help create what keeps you alive is full of purpose and dignity. You do not need to attend a ceremony all you need to do is create harmony.

Dating is like a puzzle, the more you scatter the pieces the harder it is to put together.
Learn your strengths and interests and test them first before you build a bridge to another land.
You are like a beautiful island of blossoming personal resources, colorful new experiences, and crisp refreshing love!

Don’t waste it trying to get someone to like you or coaching them to your needs, they haven’t seen the place we just talked about: )
If you are having trouble making friends, friends you don’t have to be at one particular place to see, or be driving, or having a parry, you should not date.
Friends want to get to know you all the time because you are a great change in life no matter what you do

Stay social but keep it professional for your school or work and any heavier tasks.
It’s easy to like someone while the goings good and easier to be distracted when it’s not. Let your personal life catch up on entertainment if you feel the need to adjust your professional one in that manner.

Your 3 closest friends are a reflection of you, from the nearest to you to the least. If you talk to anyone special they should know about it. If you do not have 3 close friends you will be an extremely needy spouse to anyone and hardly fufilled. That one person cannot generate all of your audience, that is your job without them as the star of your own body.

Giving is our strongest asset because the more it is repeated the more potential it adds to everyone. A group of friends that don’t give aren’t friends at all, and a couple that doesn’t share freely is in competition with one another.
When you can relax and give it, you are officially open yo receive it.

For this to be unique, it doesn’t have to be planned, the opportunity will come on its own.

The individuals furthest removed from my life are added unbalance the unbalanced ones who either never reciprocated even half of my actions and put numbers on their giving. Eventuay it just dried up and died due to the lack of care.
Care is our most precious resource
(I hope you enjoyed this in two parts)


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