Good film redundant name

Sneakers & Sole is most likely a photo of a shoe, or some shoe website with tons of replicas with really basic looking display
Another actual Sneakers & Sole is two friends almost unexpected but not really. A lawyer with an abrupt story inherits a key from his dad after he dies, his friend visits the same day and they embark on a journey together walking from Jersey to Ny with a key to an apartment and some ponchos accompanied by a flask of old whiskey.
They soon are jacked of their stuff(one of many times) jumping into the lake naked, and get on with only ponchos barefoot.


The entire thing is interesting because it’s a display of interrelationships different comfort levels and how the time for one is just the beginning for another. No one in this scenario is a complete leader because they each need the package of a team, where they also get help out from a gal who joins them. This is quite indie and also really unexpected in it’s plot, going straight there but having some seriously hard hitting lines with great points, the most important piece is the strong friendship loyalty and kindness of people.
No matter where you go you need a nice bed and a sturdy pair of shoes, because if your not in one your in the other..


Ironically the shoes are also a popular
NY streetwear brand, that basically went totally unnoted in the film.. their a pair of blue and white Alife’s, also notably accompanied by his friends green and white vans classics

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