Supra footwear line

Like the first footwear line I posted to my blog for fashion was Supra footwear©
It’s a runway styled action brand that was started in 2008 I believe and it’s really clean but edgy and dark at the same time. Something about the construction boasts style and comfort with most importantly the originality. Boasting names of action sports to entertainers dj’s and models the name of Supra has built a hefty roster over the years with strong creativity running through it’s catalogue.
Though not having produced a full length video they remain a prevalent name for skateboarding along with high end fashion.



My favorite styles would have to be Erik Ellington’s shoes because they mix athletics with punk rock and Chad Muska because it has the flavor of something from outer space.
They are innovators no doubt and I look up to the way they have been able to contrast and collaborate with sports fashion and modeling.


They also hang above any Nike because Nike isn’t really that cool, they pay a cool athlete and push for superiority but don’t have a strong love for the culture unless the people say so. Supra is engineered the way of the culture from the ground up so it feels natural while making it happen
Over some time, they have earned their spot


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