A funny(1)

(#619) The homework
Little Moishe is busy doing his homework. As his mother walks past his room, she hears him saying, “One and one, the son-of-a-bitch is two. Two and two, the son-of-a-bitch is four. Three and three… ”
So she asks him, “Darling, where did you learn that way of doing sums?”
Moishe replies, “My teacher, Miss Anderson, taught us that way, mummy.”
Next day, Moishe’s mother goes into his classroom, confronts Miss Anderson and tells her about Moishe’s ‘different’ way of doing arithmetic.
Miss Anderson is shocked. At first she can’t understand why Moishe would say that she had taught it, but then suddenly it dawned on her.
“I know why,” she says, “in our class, we say, one and one, the sum of which is two…..”

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