(Mission statement) to meet the demand of the voids to fill created by labels that separate US into pieces of pieces while all we strive to be is one. Letting this be expressed in our unbiased product that will fill voids all the way from a free or low ticket item, to an auctioned price$less good. Helping others to be more worldly and community oriented through the unity of oneness.

I believe the best products cross all barriers of class, creed, religion, race, and region. All the way to the best thing there is which is just breathing air and being alive

For males it is to show that your sense of being affects your appreciation and to be connected does not lie in anything worldly, you don’t need to be popular, have high priced things, be all about bravado or disrespectful. Being connected is a feeling you can’t buy, and something the earth and universe are constantly providing you with; if you just open yourself up to patience, and serenity the lessons are already coming to you. Aggressive energy is necessary but the force of it can push you outside yourself.

For females it is about defining yourself without giving in to the pressure of the status quo beauty, taking your time without following a track; that says if you don’t go here by a certain time no one will want you, or your social skills aren’t the best. We believe you uplift yourself by your actions not accumulation of products

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