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It is incompletely refreshing to see an artist showing through so entirely in their video, and also being hands on in that exact video, beyonce totally goes off in New terms of a ‘bring you in the game’ changer for a new artist of her video ‘711’ that push is major.. and that hit for real. It’s not really even a response to that, Beyonce went off and in! I’d say that buzzin is workin~



Kenny Parker Ice Cream Boutiques

It took me a few extra hours to post this so Lord forgive me..

Boutiques, rarity, styles and clarity I’m basically obsessed with, Kenny Parker has archival flavor and look out for whatever I do with him.. I’m supporting his wave say cheese

Watch “Nollie north film” on YouTube

Watch “Kenny P – GOYARD 66′ (Prod. Elry Jtsn)” on YouTube

I love this and people who respect representing everybody

New Chase Enriquez

It seems I suddenly am posting a bunch of tunes! However the truth is I’ve been rocking with these guys for awhile..
Chase Enriquez is the same thing to me since I got way involved in his ‘Sneakers n sex’ mix tape while I was still in highschool. He’s part of my ‘study’ where theirs more than what’s heard the first time or meets the eye. I met him when I was rocking out and he wore chucks with rock and republic jeans along an Akomplice T-shirt. Since Atlanta he moved to Chicago and now to native California… he’s been doing a lot of shows and has a regular mailing list that’s really tight! His recent song ‘Night on Fire’ is definitely one of my favorites

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Til the wheels fall alf!

Brandon Novak embodys what it means to be true in a team, carrying your missions without forgetting to get to the places in your heart, saying exactly how you feel and being company you know you truly couldn’t do without. Novaks words are gold and Bam guides like no other

If I’m not beside you I’m behind you

My aim is to maintain original content sourced to an experience with the entity. This recent post is via referencing a buddy(Neek Supreme) to a Japanese online magazine blog(honeyee) The fellow Seiji Nagai posted it into his catalogue and I’m carrying it on with a unique spin to the felt message intended.

‘Where have all the flowers gone’
‘When will they ever learn?’ is her impact phrase of the gripping song. Flowers don’t learn in the sense we do, however if we aren’t seeing any there is quite a bit to think about touch. Her questions are concise, ‘where have all the young men gone’ ‘where have all the young girls gone’ ‘where have all the graveyards gone’ all of them seem to hardly make sense as they can’t possibly tie in.
Young girls picked them every one. The flowers are new creations, new opportunities, new hope, new joy, new excitement, new understanding, new discipline, new love. Where have these things gone? i.e how is this feeling growing towards us, or those in need. When will they ever learn? Is there a turn to take or your mind to make. In a roundabout way she gets you to view all of this and guess what material makes the most sense. Flowers grow in a loving happy place because of the care and planning beforehand, then they have the strength and discipline to push through the soil and give it all back in just as good a way.