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It is incompletely refreshing to see an artist showing through so entirely in their video, and also being hands on in that exact video, beyonce totally goes off in New terms of a ‘bring you in the game’ changer for a new artist of her video ‘711’ that push is major.. and that hit for real. It’s not really even a response to that, Beyonce went off and in! I’d say that buzzin is workin~


Kenny Parker Ice Cream Boutiques

It took me a few extra hours to post this so Lord forgive me..

Boutiques, rarity, styles and clarity I’m basically obsessed with, Kenny Parker has archival flavor and look out for whatever I do with him.. I’m supporting his wave say cheese

Watch “Nollie north film” on YouTube

Watch “Kenny P – GOYARD 66′ (Prod. Elry Jtsn)” on YouTube

I love this and people who respect representing everybody

New Chase Enriquez

It seems I suddenly am posting a bunch of tunes! However the truth is I’ve been rocking with these guys for awhile..
Chase Enriquez is the same thing to me since I got way involved in his ‘Sneakers n sex’ mix tape while I was still in highschool. He’s part of my ‘study’ where theirs more than what’s heard the first time or meets the eye. I met him when I was rocking out and he wore chucks with rock and republic jeans along an Akomplice T-shirt. Since Atlanta he moved to Chicago and now to native California… he’s been doing a lot of shows and has a regular mailing list that’s really tight! His recent song ‘Night on Fire’ is definitely one of my favorites

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