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Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

Influenced by the history of Ralph Lauren, the polo label with prep or yacht denim supply & Ralph Lauren is about getting edgy and having color contrast with depth, as well as determination in material. The price is irrelevant when fashion is cast out into the sphere of ideas, any idea can truly be anything.
The respect here is that it should be made to be true, from the name to the values in the color and inherentness of the style~


(Words via Yelp)

“I never knew Ralph Lauren made non yacht-ware until I came to Denim and Supply for an event. The price tag is definitely RL (though the staff suggested to me that this was RL’s “affordable” line), but the styles are more modern, edgy, and at least right now have a lot of punk influence. The store itself is a bit confusing, ¬†decked out with fake graffiti behind the register and old punk flyers. I mean, is there anything less punk than RL? All the while I tried to rebel against the shameless co-opting of a subculture an elite brand has no real world connection to or interest in (I’m looking at you, Met), I admit I loved the clothes. The staff at denim & supply are less stodgy and buttoned up than the average RL store, though its hard to say how they’d treat me outside of a streetart event (where you gotta presume they’re tolerating the rabble more than usual).

If I came across a large bag of unmarked bills I’d buy half the stuff in here I admit…but since I’m still poor, I guess I’ll just complain about the rich stealing styles from broke, dirty punks and charging $300 for it. Hate it till ya made it!”

(Excerpt 2)
This store is rockin’!! There is a huge difference between Polo Ralph Lauren and Denim & Supply, Ralph Lauren.

During my travels to offices who allow business casual Fridays, I’d see dopey Long Island guys wearing Polo shirts. But the non Polo Ralph Lauren brands? They’re classic outdoor casual clothing. My favorite denim shirt is Ralph Lauren.

When Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren opened, I knew it would be a place that I would enjoy. I’m not a fan of True Religion mens clothing. I think its over priced, trendy clothes and not age appropriate.

I walk into the store and everyone was helpful. The salesperson comes over to me and we start talking about how I screwed up the Jeans I bought at Jean Shop by washing them. He finds a pair of Jeans in my size and I try them on. I know when you by these raw denim jeans that have to be tight so I he finds me another pair. No one was snooty and I grab another sales person and I asked if he can charge my iPhone?? Not a problem sir.
Excellent customer service…

The sales people were approachable, knowledgeable and made my shopping experience a pleasure.  


Y&R clothing


Y&R clothing or (Young and Reckless) is a clothing brand founded by Chris ‘Drama’ Pfaf or Dyrdek’s cousin, in Los Angeles California. It consists of bold lines and shapes coinciding with direct messages that allow the apparel to speak before you actually get to know it yourself.
It is marketed as a branch from action sports routine lifestyle, into a lifestyle similar revolving from that as another message of doing something with your life. Pfaf having the connection benefits of Pacsun and Zumiez stores as well as MTV got his clothing seen by numerous markets for free and has DC to thank for his clothing’s existence, as Pfaf is originally from Ohio and imported to California in 2005. As many brands don’t stand strong Y&R may be actually worth the buck for some design compatibility and versatility in your life once you make up your mind of the meaning to you. I like it for the young 20’s personally, it’s catchy, fills a room providing the necessary action, and has a lot of colors, overall an 8/10 brand rating
Y&R is all across the web from eBay to Dr Jays, Pacsun Zumiez alike, and stocking web stores.



LRG ‘Herbalism’


Graphics are so cool in tht you could see the same graphic 100 times and it could always be different