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Pacsun DGK Paisley Pack

DGK Paisley Pack:

A funny

Q: Why were gentiles invented?
A: Somebody has to pay retail.

Friended to death

Friended to death is a comedy appropriate to the 2000s, where your options can sometimes outweigh the possibility of anything happening because what is popular isn’t good for every stage of your life. The main character is a parking enforcement bike rider who really gets to people the way he interacts with them, he tickets all these people in LA by staking out a few moments before placing an actual ticket, then takes photos randomly throughout the day and captions them on Facebook and also live feed of chat through web service, this isn’t different than most people with the exception all of it actually sticks. So inevitably others have something to say about it and it’s not good for them, his best friend is no longer cool with him right around the same time so also it’s like everyone is ganging up on the dude. He decides to fake that he died on Facebook and basically anywhere else(which is pretty hilarious in the film) and see who cares, who doesn’t, who is an actual friend to him and who denies further contact with who he is.
The film is shot in a very effective way and you never feel like your moving slow or theirs not enough of a joke to go around.


Every character is hilarious in their own way and does not try to be too regular at all. His sort of sidekick that got into this with him he works with at his job really makes the film what it is and it’s quite surprising, he did a lot of things anyway that really made the movie happen.
The scenes are nice, not abrupt or too cheesy and soft music accompany the good view. It’s a truth to it how you can literally be friended to death through caring who your friends with all of the time when, your changing and have your own ideas and their probably changing too.. We use friends as validation so much it’s like it will get associated with anything if that is what makes you feel better.
It ends well, not abrupt and actually kept me guessing the entire time and solemnly looking into stories of the characters, it’s one of those time for love sort of things. A good rate of this would be 8/10 ,a fun time.. enough of a knockout to be worth the 1:34minutes and feel more than you did

Lil’ lisa