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When it’s all going on I get by with some original thinking and a long hobby


Who’s that man with the three piece suit? Makin’ a doll with a log and fruit Who’s that man with the eight strong legs? Tried to make me breakfast but he broke my eggs

Octodad – nobody suspects a thing

Who’s that man with the hard, hard beak? three feet tall with a soft physique How’s a man like that man feel? running for his life from a moray eel

Octodad – nobody suspects a thing Octodad – he’s got a good thing going

Nintendo – Independent mini consoles


Nintendo once a game market leader now currently lacks in the leeway for game system sales and development of new titles. The transformation of shelf space to growing accommodation of silent digital space halted a once fun loving experimental developmental level, to nearly standing still on themed characters. Leading with just a few titles, the Nintendo Wii and other entertainment systems drastically underestimated the popular continuation of Ps3 and Xbox system titles.

Nintendo has the board game party legacy upheld but with over emphasis in competing for single titles shared over multiple platforms. The agreeability of sharing games was probable for Nintendo in early years, now not so much due to the drastic drop in console sales. Independently Nintendo is set to create systems for play in a round-robin fashion to inspire personality and conversation covering a date and specific friendly event. Partying being the primary inspiration the gamers will get to enjoy one another from the party perspective of jovial experiences not centered on time of play or skill. This very precedent also referencing the school age youth to create an independent theme from the backbone of Nintendo Characters in color and feeling structured, but freedom based game experience without drag.
Experiencing growth from market participation Nintendo has projected to grow in the social aspect that less includes im personal network data space, but instead peer dating space with bonding as a baseline. The independent consoles will be free from reference to systematic title references and will base the players personal relationships as the content.