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Lion trick mix 2014

iLoveMakonnen extensive interview with Charles Robinson

In this interview with iLoveMakonnen Makonnen touches on the meaning behind his name, originality, his style of music, how others react to his doll, self esteem and the messages of his videos as well as light travel/time on earth within languages. The Newness directed and produced by me takes homage to getting up and taking in the fresh air with it’s cameo. Encounter, next demonstrating the blessings of what you seldom see. Later followed by Living on the Southside in which Makonnen demonstrates an Economy


Questions by Willie Robinson with film by Charles Robinson

Horizon photos(continued)

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Thanks for being a friend!
because in the end..
Its not what you did to win..
but how you held your chin
and who helped you within

Lion en 130world


Summer ’12 130world