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Complacency isn’t part of southern mentality

Going JUST to the lowest price point ruins content. Live with intent 🙂

2011, what are you?

As this year leaned in towards me during this point last year, I was not in tune with what it’s contents would formulate. The preceding journey had handed down alot of emphasis of structure, faith, trust and spirit duality of the mind. Implementing more into my life was something difficult to be worked on amongst my schedule, personal relationship, and associates. The year was created and quickly I felt many experiences in ‘deja vu’. It felt like so many of the same lessons were being taught over to me and in the times when I needed it the least! This called upon me to label it ‘A year of understanding’ or insight.
Every living thing on Earth has a force and with that force comes a responsibility or your form of ‘duty.’ What that force attracts or retracts are a result of how the force is sustaining itself in harmony with the quantity of other forces. This struck me because insight to me is one of the most powerful forces towards self actualization. The level of reverb your force can create from misfiring or just plain lack of guidance of your force is a forced form of insight. 11 itself is repetetive 

which also signifies strength. This is a large omen to me! from my experience the entities cognoscente enough to open up mentally will grow again. I tend to tread in towards myself rather than any other direction, I am very passionate, mysterious and private as a person. Ocpd turned out to not just be my state of reflection but something I could not consciously consider as habit I had. Art and my love & confusion for everything as it stands unpure with it’s duality is how I curve it