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Lion trick mix 2014

Filming with Ted

Skating a new diy spot filming with Teddy and Jihad

“Luis Mora: From the modern beginning”

From the modern beginning is a skateboarding film and art film about skateboarding in the southwest with Louis Mora, please enjoy his part

St Patrick’s day skating

First video was emailed to me from a friend and the second was filmed by myself with the skater being Asa.
I sessioned alot! but did not film myself, the clip I got of Asa was impromptu after I saw him pop up on the highest ledge in the park and lip slide it with much style and effort. Then the clip I was emailed kind of kicked things off for the day much props to 4042452417 🙂
Any filmers who would like to work on a skate video project please let me know via email in the contact section of this website ^ 🙂

What will we do about skating. .?

There fat and there mad. See how a power trip goes down