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Brand concious

So in honor of “Throwback thursday” I decided to put some conscious of their culture brands together that really stood out and created a unique formula and made existing brands opportunities of today, by no means is this all of them but a great handful that stood and stand together in the revolving door of trends, alignment of ethics, intellect and stars


The joy of crusing

I had to browse through a handfull of videos before I came across this classic crusing! I’m a firm believer in street skating not being about imitating tricks, rather coaching with the tricks you love most, it brings about more innovative skating and inspiring tricks. Shout out to Gilbert Crockett and the entire Cellout crew for the homie live video ­čÖé
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Horizon photos(continued)

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Reissue me: Rowley Xlt

 Top tier for me in my pursuit for rec is Vans, specifically  Geoff Rowley editions. This one in particular the XLT is the medium for weight and support as well as classic style. Very surprising how light this is! carrying on with a crossover attitude of plenty. For skateboarding tested and product verified

(happy 420)we are fine