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‘Wake up now!’ Join a sales team, sales cooperation, ‘make extra income’


When it equals to the confines of finances the limit which is actually quite stern(in accordance to your time mental dexterity & physical disposition) the limit seems to be endless. You see what looks like more to the naked eye and quickly question how it could be a bad or good idea.
Which leads me to my point of sales teams branching off from person to person as a dysfunctional family tree like mall. You receive the news from someone seemingly trustworthy seems nice enough in a few ways and harmless enough to ‘extra income’ and that’s that, the motions are almost set for you to do whatever this is.. and wait what is this exactly?
How many members are there, do they know one another, are they committed or just a toe in the water of opportunities in question. Before too long it’s a melting pot of all different answers and responses to which a big nothing is promised. It’s not ‘waking up’ or’ living the life’ it’s doing without thinking to doing nothing and nothing again where the something has in effectively come off the ‘losers’ either in the mind by no longer questioning anything to have ‘fun’; or by the process of we each are here for a different reason of a similar cause.
Any of the above in a 360 is what is happening to those who go on without being compensated or stay in something they do not fully understand, it’s telling you what you want to hear while you live only for what you see. The true definition of’ waking up’ or’ the life’ Is being closer to who you are so you can enjoy what you have by the sunset so someone else can enjoy what they have and the one next to them can enjoy what they are, that collage is’ the life’.
Not any offers to walk where you’ll never see ahead of you and ahead of you is collateral damage..and a few’ winners’ need ‘your sweet help’
(Food for thought)