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  • L: I had the pleasure of interviewing someone in Atlanta who has a really cool way of thinking and is an original talent. This is Makonnen

L: Whats up man, how are you? I’ve been meaning to interview you for awhile and my mind is so sporadic I’m just getting to it! Tell us your name and where your from

M: i am doing better, had too much creativity in my mind which leads to frustration when i dont get it out, so i kinda just let some of it out,and now i feel better,much better lol. My name is Makonnen,im 21,born in Atlanta,Ga, lived there for a few weeks as a baby but grew up in L.A , california for most of my life,now back in Atlanta. but i feel like im from the Sun in real life.

L: I feel like your attitude is a big reflection of your personality, your a winner in that ballpark, what can you suggest to people about staying chipper?

M: haha,well thank you. i suggest listen to good music,do things that bring u peace and happiness,stay as far away as u can from negative thoughts,people or influences. keep a strong positive attitude.just know that what ever you want in your life can be there, u just have to believe in it, and really believe,dont just get on the bandwagon for a few days and when u see nothing happens give up, keep it going all the time, and when u get whatever it is you want, know that this positivity you have about yourself is working,and make it stronger. i really just try to tune everyone out at times,and find some time to be in nature. when i see birds and bugs they always seem happy. birds dont have a for sure place to call home ya know, they live in nest and that nest can be gone any second,from squirrels to trees falling down to thunder storms,but they keep on flying, thats how i want to be, no matter where i am or what happens i want to be able to keep on flying.

L: Your music is really cool, alot of original flare expression & its really airy (right up my alley) whats your inspiration for your tracks?

M: wow thanks, im glad someone likes it besides me lol. i’d say my inspiration comes from the WORLD and the people in it. like with my latest song i did “the newness” the inspiration behind that is just wanting something new, i get tired of the same old thing, from always hearing the same music on the radio,or seeing all these people dressed alike,or just stuck in their ways, like the OLD way of thinking, or when people say the OLD country, or we are OLD school, i dont want to be apart of that old stuff, i just want the newness! from new artist,new movies,new fashion lines,new technology,new beauty, a new way of thinking, just a new world, i want the newness, the old is over with! like oldness is racism,segregation ,newness is intergration,bringing all people together no matter their race,to take the world into a better place. let everyone’s ideas worth hearing be heard. I also always try to make my songs danceable. people love to dance,whether they dance at parties or just at home in their room alone. i just want to make music thats enjoyable and have some sort of substance and meaning behind it, im also very influenced by music of all genres. i can kinda grab something from all musical genres and alot of different artist, from like crystal castles to young jeezy to miley cyrus to prince to ramsi aliani. i just love music, i love hearing people’s creativeness, and i like to share mine, thats what its all about, MY FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL WAS SHOW AND TELL.:)

L: What do you think about pop culture in this generation? do you view it as a representation of us?

M: i think pop culture in this generation is a gift and a curse, one sense we have people pushing for newness and more originality,then u have a another group who just keep being copycats with no originality, like i hate when people remake songs,and try to get it off as their own, that’s weak, all u did was a cover. but i have to say i do love the visuals in this generation, there is alot more interaction with the fans but not as much, u can tweet them and be on facebook with your fans but thats no fun to me. i like it when people are actually with their fans in person, as far a representation of us, there is a little bit, there is only a certain kind of people being represented. and i get tired of just looking and hearing about those same people,thats one of the reasons i started, i wanted to see who else was out there,what are their lives like, and find out that they are actually just normal people who are reachable. nowadays u hear all these things about these pop culture people but none of it comes from them, u end up getting someone else’s opinion, then making your own from there. its funny, people can tell u so much about another person nowadays just from what they gathered on tv. we all should know better than to believe tv. one thing i dont like is the ignorance of the pop culture, like all the girls being kinda slutty and guys just being stupid.thats not a good representation of us, its almost as if they take the worst of our talents and intelligence and make into worshipped like this is what u should strive to be! i want to change that, im sure alot of other people do to.

L: What do you mean when you say ‘Younghotness’ ?

M: YoungHotness is just being that new freshness like oh wow i havent seen that before, u get so used to regular old cold and boring people or experiences, lol then something fun,new and exciting comes along and its like oh wow! that is that young hotness. lol that is just one description, but i actually started calling myself young hotness last summer(2009), i was going out with a friend, and i was kinda new on the social scene and people would ask my friend who is that, and blah blah blah, so my friend comes up to me and say they want u, they want some that new freshness on the scene thats making them melt, so i said oh, they want that young hotness, lol and we just kinda ran with it from there, even calling other people young hotness,

Q: Whats an average day for ‘Younghotness’?

M: who knows! lol living this Young Hotness Lifestyle,anything can happen, but first i wake up take my snow leopards on a walk,which are really white pit bulls, sometimes i refer to them as the sharks, then i go to school! beauty school! do hair and talk to the girls all day from 9-3 or 5, then i come home, eat something,preferably healthy like a salad, then watch tv for about 30 mins as im eating,then go to my room. listen to some music, whether it be mine or someone else’s , then go workout, ive really gotten into jumping rope like a boxer, i think im Muhammad ali, not big meech! lol but then after that i might put something special in the air, chill out for the day, and try to talk to people, i always like talking to new people, my phone is off and broken so all i have is the internet once again, so i would usually just spend the rest of the night tweeting,skyping,looking at other people’s blog, play my keyboard, that’s just an average day, other days i could be found hanging out HAVIN’ FUN ,living life not come homing until about 9:30am on Sunday Fundays after going out on Saturdays! haha let me stop, im not that exciting everyweekend, that was just last weekend. 🙂

You can check out more about him right here and listen to ‘The Newness’ from the Sharantino Hotel (Highly recommended!)

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